PhD Adventures… foraying into the blog-osphere!

A PhD candidate.

A.K.A. A professional student.

The true meaning of pursuing a PhD is learning and exploring as much as possible during the duration of the degree.  Some may interpret that as spending 100+ hours a week in the laboratory conducting research, or becoming a permanent sculpture in the local library.  Alternatively some choose to while away their learning hours becoming connoisseurs of coffee shops… perhaps at the completion of their degree they are even deserving of an additional PhD in coffeeshop-ology?

I have taken a slightly different approach.  Instead of being a  “specialist student of biophysics” (not actually as bad as it sounds!) I have chosen to take full advantage the flexibility that comes with this period in my life, studying anything and everything, time and resources permitting.  Some may say I am procrastinating or slacking, but I prefer to say I am studying towards becoming a generalist.

The end result?

I have spent countless hours during my degree outside of the laboratory (much to the chagrin of my supervisor) pursuing sports, arts, languages, travel, culture, food, and even a social life.  And now for a new study – the art of blogging!

During the course of this blog I will delve into some of my successes, mishaps, and challenges stemming from becoming a generalist in a specialist world, all whilst learning the ins and outs of blogging.  I hope you enjoy a few laughs and maybe even learn a little bit about yourself in the process!

Thanks for reading and happy studies!


One thought on “PhD Adventures… foraying into the blog-osphere!

  1. I’m envious of your ability to juggle so many things. Also related to one of your other posts, my advisor has a set lab schedule of 10am-7pm, Monday through Friday. It’s tough to pursue other activities outside of the lab and yet I continue to think of so many new ones to try. I marvel at your skill and productivity!

    Best Wishes


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