PhD mistakes

Found this interesting article – it’s very relevant (and incredibly accurate) for all PhD students!

5 Moronic Mistakes That Keep PhDs Stuck In Academia

In addition to be generally informative, the author touched on a very interesting point.  As a graduate student, your publications and general research accomplishments do very little for advancing your post-graduate school career.  In contrast, it does wonders for your supervisors career!  So why is it that a grad student spends hours and hours (often unpaid) in the lab, while the supervisor reaps all the credit? Obviously the supervisory has “put in their time” as a graduate student, but does that justify it?

This article instead argues that those extra research hours (going above and beyond in search of that golden paper) would instead be better put to use developing interpersonal skills such as resume writing and networking.

Every position I have ever gotten came about as a result of networking, not publications, so I couldn’t agree more!


2 thoughts on “PhD mistakes

  1. fillipip

    This is a great article! I particularly like: ‘this document should take no more than 2-4 weeks once you have your data collated at 4-5 hours a day of writing’. Seems the obvious, but not when your supervisors and research staff refer to your 4th research year as the writing up year!

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    1. Megs Lernen

      Thanks fillipip! That is an excellent point, I hadn’t even thought about the “writing up year”! Yet another issue engrained in grad school culture that needs to change.


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